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Architects Alliance of Acadiana

Expert Management Architects Alliance of Acadiana in Opelousas

Expert Management Architects Alliance of Acadiana in Opelousas

Expert Management Architects Alliance of Acadiana in OpelousasExpert Management Architects Alliance of Acadiana in Opelousas

Letter to Entrepreneurs

Sterling Lincoln Ford Dealership in Opelousas

Letter 3-14-2019

Dear Entrepreneur,

As an architect, I like helping others realize their dreams. What makes America special is the hope to see our dreams come to fruition and the freedom to direct our own destinies. Property ownership is an investment into our futures. Land and property will appreciate. What I propose to you is that good design can even add more value to your property investment whether it is good aesthetic value or a building that functions well on the site and with your future needs and the future needs of your clients. It will attract and keep customers coming back to your and your tenant’s business. In the process of directing your own destiny your decision to own instead of rent will pay off in the future. This new building that you are proposing makes for a good retirement property that will help you when you get older and be something you can pass on to those you love. Let me help you design a building that will help direct your own destiny and be a structure worth handing down to future generations. 

I am excited to introduce my firm to you. Our firm was started in 1945 by Mr. Clayton D’Avy. In that time, we have had the opportunity to work on many commercial projects. Some more complicated than yours and some less complicated. The great thing about being an architect is that I get learn about other businesses that I design structures for. Part of my design process is to meet with you at your current place of business so that I can get a feel for your processes and procedures. This helps me to help you develop the spaces for your new facility. Together we can create for you a facility that can maximizes the usefulness of your new space and create a functional facility that can help your bottom line. I like to look to the future and develop the space with that in mind. I think it is smart to develop not only your own facility but make available spaces for other business to help pay for the project. We can work with you to develop the site and facility to maximize the leasable square footage. My firm will also work with you to create a facility that will be aesthetically pleasing. This can help lease your building and attracts clients to your facility. Let us use our experience to create an aesthetically pleasing facility. We will give your project no less attention when it comes to the aesthetics of your facility. 

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing what services we can provide for you. Please call us at your earliest convenience. Live the American dream! I am sure trying to do my best at it. I hope to hear from you soon.


Mario Benoit